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Your views, likes, comments and subs make me feel good. Thanks. ♡
Comment from : Shenny

Rudy Quintero
I remember listening to this song when I was like 11
Comment from : Rudy Quintero

Robbie Landrey
Isn't JK Simmons the voice of Yellow M&M?
Comment from : Robbie Landrey

Robbie Landrey
Y'all remember the PS1 videogame M&M's Shell Shocked?
Comment from : Robbie Landrey

Salah Rizk
This first on my mix
Comment from : Salah Rizk

Kazuhiro HItoshi
2019 anybody?
Comment from : Kazuhiro HItoshi

Kevin M
Put the windows down, put the top down, open the sun roof... enjoy life and forget about it all at the same time.
Comment from : Kevin M

SisterForever Gutierrez
im dancing rhis at the smith center
Comment from : SisterForever Gutierrez

afro latinaaa
Comment from : afro latinaaa

Jalea Glass
2018 anyone? Or is it too old?
Comment from : Jalea Glass

Eva Garcia
0:47 this makes me good
Comment from : Eva Garcia

Will Smith
PSP recruitment video 2017!
Comment from : Will Smith

This song helps you when you’re sad,happy, or whatever!
Comment from : TUCK THE PUPPY

Golden Dragon
Happy 75th Anniversary M&M's! #mms75
Comment from : Golden Dragon

Quita Michelle
Comment from : Quita Michelle

Salah Rizk
Love is everything.
Comment from : Salah Rizk

James Geraghty
Comment from : James Geraghty

Trippxe Sofia
David Dobrik's vlog anyone?
Comment from : Trippxe Sofia

Dove Llama
Why 99 hate comments
Comment from : Dove Llama

gamer squwad
I feel so good
Comment from : gamer squwad

Noob Lol
Heard this at a wyldlife camp in michindono -2018
Comment from : Noob Lol

Cars-fan 2012
Game over mario world sample beat trap
Comment from : Cars-fan 2012

LoneStarWolf Entertainment
I know there's one thing I'll live to see: the 100th Anniversary of M&Ms
Comment from : LoneStarWolf Entertainment

I love this song. Tried to make copy song! Please sing for Karaoke. www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD6k57K5f7Y
Comment from : LUY_IBIS Dj

2018 anyone?
Comment from : Tarzan

Yolanda Lopez
i am lernen dat in musec ly
Comment from : Yolanda Lopez

Rocker blast
What do you guys think?
Comment from : Rocker blast

Caleb's Wrestling Show
I love your song
Comment from : Caleb's Wrestling Show

Maddie Morales
My PE teachers play this in class and they dance. It’s so funny. When the he goes and it feels so good..... they stay dancing and 😂😂
Comment from : Maddie Morales

Yusuf Mohamed
One if my favorite songs ever
Comment from : Yusuf Mohamed

Mr Mighty
And also there's a add that is from m&ms and it has this song
Comment from : Mr Mighty

Mr Mighty
In 2018 I will be on YT and I was finding a song for my song and the IT FEELS SO GOOD just made me like. Omg I need that for my intro XD
Comment from : Mr Mighty

Big Money
This song makes me wanna dance around like Charlie Brown and friends
Comment from : Big Money

Elmo Red
The last few minutes of this song is what I live for.
Comment from : Elmo Red

deadra smith
Something beautiful and spiritual
Comment from : deadra smith

deadra smith
I love this beautiful 💖
Comment from : deadra smith

Carolyn Winder
I will be adding this song to my wedding play list
Comment from : Carolyn Winder

Gotgame 3445
Comment from : Gotgame 3445

Gotgame 3445
Comment from : Gotgame 3445

Camron Loomis
Play this at my wedding :D
Comment from : Camron Loomis

MrCarrot JTY
Willy Wonka!!!
Comment from : MrCarrot JTY

deadra smith
awesome...R.I.P Sammy Davis Jr...you would be proud of this 🍫🍫🍫🍫🌈🌈🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🍬🍬🍬🍬🍭🍭🍭🍭🎶🎶🎶🎶📿💜💜💜💜💜💜💃💃💃
Comment from : deadra smith

Charity Davidson
I love it. 😍 I can't stop listening to it! It hits a deep spot in my heart. ❤️
Comment from : Charity Davidson

Kirren Hopson-Whittier
Comment from : Kirren Hopson-Whittier

Leah Ashe
Chasing to subscribe to Shenny Chasing after rainbows IN THE SKYY AND SUBBING TO SHENNY AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!!!
Comment from : Leah Ashe

ShaneB Gaming
This song always puts me in a AWESOME mood through everything
Comment from : ShaneB Gaming

Snow Daiz
when you finally jerk off
Comment from : Snow Daiz

Shannon Ovadal
I had a program called"Peaceful Heroes" and it had this song and I love it!!!!! And it feels soooooo goooooood!!!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁
Comment from : Shannon Ovadal

Josh White
"With a desert full of joy"
Comment from : Josh White

Lickle my pickle
this song makes me feel so single
Comment from : Lickle my pickle

Ryan Anderson
I love you zedd
Comment from : Ryan Anderson

rajul edmond
I love this song
Comment from : rajul edmond

Kathy Lott
enjoy your life people
Comment from : Kathy Lott

Jaiden T Smith
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Jaiden T Smith

Mary Barron
this is my favorite song and THIS song be on curmurshl
Comment from : Mary Barron

Teri M.
....And it feels so good...Oh Yeah!!!
Comment from : Teri M.

anyone else from the theaters?
Comment from : ツAbraham

YaAsian Boi
Anyone saw m and m commercial
Comment from : YaAsian Boi

YaAsian Boi
I love this Sind and it feels so good 😊😻😻Ha!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : YaAsian Boi

Tiyanna Norton
and this song is good and it feels so good.😍😌😄
Comment from : Tiyanna Norton

I like how you added a sound scale thingy during the drops
Comment from : BlueJeanBaby

Zero Hour
The Candyman Can Cause He Mixes It With Love And Makes The World-Makes The World Taste Gooood!
Comment from : Zero Hour

Mario Mcfarlin
this is so good
Comment from : Mario Mcfarlin

Luis Angulo
This Songs Makes Me Wanna Slap The Fuck Out Of My Grandma
Comment from : Luis Angulo

Kellumk 101
Comment from : Kellumk 101

Honey Bear Lps
Love this song 🎵🎵🎵
Comment from : Honey Bear Lps

Elizabeth01160 AJ
Love this song <3
Comment from : Elizabeth01160 AJ

Eggy Man
This song modivates me I love it
Comment from : Eggy Man

Lego Fantastic
Comment from : Lego Fantastic

I fell music is when I enter a beach paradise on a city 😝
Comment from : GeolyteCR

This song makes me dance every time
Comment from : Showgun04

Cade Gooden
This is awesome candyman or aloe black
Comment from : Cade Gooden

Potato Time00
its where the days are full of joy
Comment from : Potato Time00

ballerboys 123
the commercial I don't skip
Comment from : ballerboys 123

Cade Gooden
Wow nice
Comment from : Cade Gooden

The M&M's I both the taste so Good! 😄
Comment from : GeolyteCR

Comment from : NathanHunter12

Ananda Mehs
Loooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeee this song!
Comment from : Ananda Mehs

marissa cortazzo 2
I like ur doggie
Comment from : marissa cortazzo 2

OC Trickshots
Fav song
Comment from : OC Trickshots

Teener Meener
feels so gooooooood
Comment from : Teener Meener

sarharrae johnson
Candyman make me feel so good
Comment from : sarharrae johnson

Christopher Gray
i love this song.. it's my new inspiration morning song
Comment from : Christopher Gray

this make me feel good
Comment from : Sane

Jose Sanchez
cool song ever
Comment from : Jose Sanchez

Yrn Dai
maybe. coope3drummer should do a drum cover
Comment from : Yrn Dai

The m&m's man
Comment from : Grumpymelons

Oh wow there is still actual good music nowadays. I thought all modern music sucked, there is still hope!
Comment from : mexiluvsw

its ash m
I love this song
Comment from : its ash m

Bruno mars Fan 357
love this song he has a good voice
Comment from : Bruno mars Fan 357

Bereghost Carver
this is a good song
Comment from : Bereghost Carver

sounds tough
Comment from : KP

Ruth Walker
This is my favorite song eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever
Comment from : Ruth Walker

Meredith McCollum
it ok
Comment from : Meredith McCollum

Luke Mason
This is litty
Comment from : Luke Mason

This is the holiday anthem
Comment from : tubedrivenent

Marcus carver
love this song
Comment from : Marcus carver

Roneesha Mitchell-Mathews
Turn up💁👣🚶👣🏃👣
Comment from : Roneesha Mitchell-Mathews

Who agrees?!
Comment from : Vanoxx

It's like when you are in a hot tub,what does it feel? IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! OH YEEEH!
Comment from : Vanoxx

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