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Ashley Fehilly
0:00 - 0:14 “is what plays in my head when I see exceptionally good looking men.” I said essentially that once as a joke and now it actually happens when I see really hot people. Gotta say, not even mad.
Comment from : Ashley Fehilly

Alex Kelly
Never realised that Christina Aguilera actually knows how to start a good party.
Comment from : Alex Kelly

Jazmine Ortega
Comment from : Jazmine Ortega

Alaina Garcia
She amazing good post
Comment from : Alaina Garcia

Vernardina Navarrete
I love ❤️ tough lover the song
Comment from : Vernardina Navarrete

Annaliese Kuhn
Comment from : Annaliese Kuhn

Angy Grande
Love that movie 😍😱❤️
Comment from : Angy Grande

Paula Luise Ache
Comment from : Paula Luise Ache

Seymor BUTTS
Came to sing and get my mind off of my crush.
Comment from : Seymor BUTTS

JR Lyrics
After clara atallah 😂😂😂🌚
Comment from : JR Lyrics

Vizzy Easy Dizzy King
send bobs
Comment from : Vizzy Easy Dizzy King

Alpha Wolf
2020 αиуσиє
Comment from : Alpha Wolf

Sade Bailey
Comment from : Sade Bailey

Fatima Gonzalez
I love music ♥
Comment from : Fatima Gonzalez

Mark Ganus
il neige parfois au printemps
Comment from : Mark Ganus

Someone: christina aguilera can't sing🙄
Christina: ohhhhh you're lying to ooh~ yourself yeaaah

Comment from : raghit

sofia alcantara
Comment from : sofia alcantara

กนกรัตน์ มารยากุล
Comment from : กนกรัตน์ มารยากุล

CrAzY Eleh
I dance this song. I really love it. ❤💗
Comment from : CrAzY Eleh

Miss Wishes
No singer can sing this song today .
Comment from : Miss Wishes

Judy Zudia
Nice video 😇
Comment from : Judy Zudia

I love her voice damn all that soul
she has the kind of voice that gives me goose bumps..great singer, so gifted..amazing talent. :)) 
Her voice is amazing

Comment from : SMEXIIDORK248

Kaylee McAllister
would you say this is inappropriate for a 13 year old to do a dance routine to?
Comment from : Kaylee McAllister

Gerard Duclair
Damm that voice🙏🏾😭🙌🏾 powerful can't even begin to describe it
Comment from : Gerard Duclair

Prank Family
Who is still listening to this in 2019
Comment from : Prank Family

Bernice West
Comment from : Bernice West

nicholus sibisi
My completely soul snatched ...
Comment from : nicholus sibisi

Jazmine Marie Torres Rowland
I love this song
Comment from : Jazmine Marie Torres Rowland

กนกรัตน์ มารยากุล
Comment from : กนกรัตน์ มารยากุล

Jane Meade
Софья Самодурова? 😎
Comment from : Jane Meade

I love it 🤤😲🤤😲🤤😵😵😵😵😵😵😱😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Débora Montenegro
Comment from : Débora Montenegro

llamma milk
Comment from : llamma milk

frieda f
Comment from : frieda f

Where tf is my wig
Comment from : Nooxh17

keira's weird life
Who else can hit all the high notes and the hard Notes?
Comment from : keira's weird life

Laura Shaughnessy
that girl dont need a microphone she is amazing
Comment from : Laura Shaughnessy

Evelyn Adams
Dang Christina's vocals are insane💝
Comment from : Evelyn Adams

I get goosebumps every time i hear the first note
Comment from : TS98

Chloe Jackson
She has such a good voice I love this song
Comment from : Chloe Jackson

Comment from : spermfrodita

Ryleigh Lott
Anyone here from 2018
Comment from : Ryleigh Lott

Jerra Maurice
I dare for Britney try to sing that
Comment from : Jerra Maurice

Piper Ana3lle
Comment from : Piper Ana3lle

Sandra M
Hey 2018
Comment from : Sandra M

براءه عربيات
omg... its the most beautiful song in the world 😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : براءه عربيات

Kaylee Murray
I love burlesque
Comment from : Kaylee Murray

Selena fan and more!!!
💖Christina Aguilera 💖Tough Lover. Lyrics💖🌼💖👑💖🌼💖 / Ooh oh yeah yeah Oooh yeah yeah
I need a tough lover, yeah yeah yeah
I need a tough lover, yeah yeah yeah
A tough lover, ooh yeah

When he kisses me, I get that thrill
When he does that wiggle I won't keep still
I wanna a tough lover (yeah yeah)
A tough lover (woo)
I need a tough lover (yeah, yeah)
Tough lover (hum, hum)

The seven sisters got nothing on him
I'm taking about a lover who's fast as the wind
Everyone will talk about how he got me fixed
It ain't voodoo, it's just that twist
He will be the greatest lover that ever come to
Don Juan ain't got the half the chance

He's a tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (woo)
He's a tough lover(yeah,yeah)
A tough lover (oh oh)

Hey, hey, he'yeah
He'll make me laugh, he'll make me cry
He'll be so tough he'll make Venus come alive
He'll do anything that he wants to do
Step on Jesse James's blue suede shoes, yeah

A tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (woo)
A tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (hey yeah, yeah yeah)
A tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (yeah, yeah)
A tough lover (oh oh)


(song & lyrics ) - Christina Aguilera 💖👑💖 Thank you! For Watching ❤💖❤ ✌😎✌💖❤💖

Comment from : Selena fan and more!!!

annaleah cendejas
i love this song
Comment from : annaleah cendejas

Fandom girl
I feel like she’d be very successful in decades like the 20s or 40s because her voice goes good with jazz
Comment from : Fandom girl

Cléo 717
Comment from : Cléo 717

I wish I could do that rough thing with my voice .-. I’ve never been a good singer, at all. BUT THAT WONT STOP ME.
Comment from : Nightwing

deborah sumner
Comment from : deborah sumner

NotSo Sari
I would kill to have a voice like hers 😩
Comment from : NotSo Sari

juuhbo i
2017 anyone?
Comment from : juuhbo i

linda ward
I like this song
Comment from : linda ward

marta selivanova
Comment from : marta selivanova

Kaleb Harrison
me and my sisters cant stop watching this we are getting better at it love the song/movie
Comment from : Kaleb Harrison

Amari L.
This is my favorite movie
Comment from : Amari L.

Hannah Gentry
All I want in this world is to learn how to do that growl that she does... my God!!! If my voice sounded like this I would be singing everywhere I went.
Comment from : Hannah Gentry

Buttered Toast
This is awesome
Comment from : Buttered Toast

She wolf
I'm 13 and I can sing this song pretty good my friends said I sound like her 😊
Comment from : She wolf

Hannah Gentry
If I could sing a quarter like her I would be happy!! All I want is that growl.
Comment from : Hannah Gentry

Maryy Jane
Britney Spears definitely can't sing,but this women is GOD. 😍
Comment from : Maryy Jane

Gamer Youk
Guys, is it right really much YouTubers who listen this music gives me Content ID Claim on some of my New Super Mario Bros Wii gameplay because of this music?

I think that's not right, but if it is can I use this music?

Comment from : Gamer Youk

Becky G
I like this song 🎵 all her songs 🎵 i love you.......👼😘✌🙏
Comment from : Becky G

Edward Rodriguez
love this part of her
Comment from : Edward Rodriguez

Kate whit
Taking an AP Test with this stuck in your head is quite the challenge
Comment from : Kate whit

Georgina Pulido
OMG OMG OMG i love her💜
Comment from : Georgina Pulido

Yessenia Mcgram
this song is amazing 😘😘
Comment from : Yessenia Mcgram

What I would do if I could sing like her... (I can't sing period, but if I could, I would love to have her voice).
Comment from : snorky776

Hailey Ferro
she is the best female singer in this time
Comment from : Hailey Ferro

Nina Nefelibata
pure love and happiness oh mein gott :D
Comment from : Nina Nefelibata

Sydney Hill
I love this song, its also a great song to sing
Comment from : Sydney Hill

Max A.
You bitches can either take your socks of now or she's gonna knock them off for you 14 seconds into the song.
Comment from : Max A.

Summer Taylor
i no
Comment from : Summer Taylor

Ben Dover
Belting Queen
Comment from : Ben Dover

Hallie Cannon
I love the film burlesque
Comment from : Hallie Cannon

Comment from : LauraLeeStone

Carmela Brites
Comment from : Carmela Brites

Tania Reyes
¿Como se llama la canción?
Comment from : Tania Reyes

Autumn Gant
she sings so beautifully
Comment from : Autumn Gant

Anime lover
i can sing this but not as good as her lol😘
Comment from : Anime lover

Wanderlei Costa
I love this song
Comment from : Wanderlei Costa

Jacob Parker
I love her voice damn all that soul
Comment from : Jacob Parker

Jacob Parker
I love her voice damn all that soul
Comment from : Jacob Parker

Her growl makes me crazy <3
Comment from : Brendi

PoofAlaxa -
Comment from : PoofAlaxa -

lucy smith
I've got a though lover
Comment from : lucy smith

Rosemary Burke
I can sing this song good , it's not perfect like her but it's close
Comment from : Rosemary Burke

Dreamy Dream
Christina, I'll be your tough lover. Damn, girl, you are freaking hot. That voice is wonderful. I love the beginning of this song.
Comment from : Dreamy Dream

mother fucker
Me encantó
Comment from : mother fucker

it's Alberto99
i can sing this song haha
Comment from : it's Alberto99

Genesis Freeman
the movie was amazing one of my fav movies of all time
Comment from : Genesis Freeman

Bryant Williams
I love the opening of this song
Comment from : Bryant Williams

Martha Chamagua
love this song
Comment from : Martha Chamagua

Finau Maumalanga
my gosh😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Finau Maumalanga

Vanessa Campos
she's amazing !
Comment from : Vanessa Campos

Lizzie M
same here god bless that boy
Comment from : Lizzie M

Camisha Smith
Comment from : Camisha Smith

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