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sheila cox
My Man Chas Likes Dancing With Me And Eating Candy
Comment from : sheila cox

Verónica Cristina Fernández Balcazar
Q hermosa madre mía todos los cambio le queda hermoso
Comment from : Verónica Cristina Fernández Balcazar

Kevin Waldschmidt
I wish I would have served back in the 40s, the USA was better then!
Comment from : Kevin Waldschmidt

Cindy Higgins
Such an amazing song!! Love it 🥰 You're beautiful in this video Christina! Great work!! 💕🎉🥳
Comment from : Cindy Higgins

Venus Schreave
what a fuCKING GEM
Comment from : Venus Schreave

Demi Guerrero
2020 she looks so sexy in dis video
Comment from : Demi Guerrero

Margarita Chalpeño
Comment from : Margarita Chalpeño

evangeline smith
belle époque pour la musique et les chansons. Bravo et quelle voix
Comment from : evangeline smith

алэн дэлон
Comment from : алэн дэлон

czacha cs
It's fantastic.
Comment from : czacha cs

Cat Man
Love this vid 😛
Comment from : Cat Man

Comment from : MARCELO PATTON

keira swales
(Breaking News The 'Coronavirus' Outbreak Is Official) People of china:
Comment from : keira swales

Love Christina Aguilera . She's beautiful and her voice is one of a kind . One of my favorite singers . Still listen to her songs.
Comment from : silvalenz11

Rommer Ecc
Nací en la época equivocada... que lindas se veían las mujeres con esa moda de la época de los 30's 40's y 50's.
Comment from : Rommer Ecc

Adonay geovany Giménez lainez
Soy el cometario en español que. Buscas 🥀🤭🤭🤭
Comment from : Adonay geovany Giménez lainez

Armel SEDA
This song never be fade for me. I love it!!!
Comment from : Armel SEDA

Comment from : MANU

Mellie Pierce
I cant believe the US won WW2 because of Christina
Comment from : Mellie Pierce

I’m_The_Moody_Girl . . .
What year was this made in
Comment from : I’m_The_Moody_Girl . . .

Gaza Gxrl \x/
2020...How could I forget?!?!?
Comment from : Gaza Gxrl \x/

Priscilla casal
Tremenda canción
Comment from : Priscilla casal

Good song, but listening to the song all I can hear is "Boogie Woogie Buggle Boy"
Comment from : cmm07r

The Autistic YouTuber
Make the panties drop...
Comment from : The Autistic YouTuber

Clip maker : ok we need 3 dancers
Christina : we dont do that here

Comment from : floathingfeather

Кракозяблик Первый
class, ymeut` je americanci
Comment from : Кракозяблик Первый

Isabella Medeiros
Comment from : Isabella Medeiros

sebestyen tiberiu
Man I Ned That DeepP
Comment from : sebestyen tiberiu

sebestyen tiberiu
Comment from : sebestyen tiberiu

sebestyen tiberiu
So, Im The Big Cannon Whit No Use
Comment from : sebestyen tiberiu

Maria Mendez
Comment from : Maria Mendez

sakshi gurung
I met him out for dinner on a Friday night
He really got me working up an appetite
He had tattoos up and down his arm
There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm
He's a one stop shop, makes the panties drop
He's a sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man
A sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man

He took me to the Spider club on Hollywood and Vine
We drank champagne, and we danced all night
We shook the paparazzi for a big surprise (a big surprise)
The gossip tonight will be tommorow's headlines
He's a one stop shop, makes my cherry pop
He's a sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man (oh yeah)
A sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man

He's a one stop shop, makes my cherry pop
He's a sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man (oh)
A sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man

Well, by now I'm getting all bothered and hot
When he kissed my mouth, he really hit the spot
He had lips like sugar cane, oh
Good things come for boys who wait

Candy man, candy man
(Sippin' from a bottle of vodka double wine)
Candy man, candy man

He's a one stop, gotcha hot, makin' all the panties drop
(Sweet, sugar, candy man)
He's a one stop, got me hot, makin' my (uh) pop
(Sweet, sugar, candy man)
He's a one stop, get it while it's hot, baby, don't stop
(Sweet, sugar)

He got those lips like sugar cane
Good things come for boys who wait
He's a one stop shop with a real big (uh)
He's a sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man
(Say what) a sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man
(Say) a sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man, woo
A sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man

Candy man, candy man
Candy man, candy man
Candy man, candy man

(Tarzan and Jane were swingin' on a vine
Tarzan and Jane were swingin' on a vine
Sippin' from a bottle of vodka double wine
Sippin' from a bottle of vodka double wine
Jane lost her grip and down she fell
Jane lost her grip and down she fell
Squared herself away as she let out a yell
Squared herself away as she let out a yell)

Comment from : sakshi gurung

Doog Boy
Comment from : Doog Boy

María Guadalupe Fajardo López
Hello alguien mexicano
Comment from : María Guadalupe Fajardo López

Juri Manabat
This is the song we used on our student group talent contest me and my classmated which we are grade 4 did great :3
Comment from : Juri Manabat

Michal Marek
Comment from : Michal Marek

anzac forever
Still hotter than Brittany
Comment from : anzac forever

Toxic Mind
Still have this on my playlist.
Comment from : Toxic Mind

Don't ever sing this song in front of a mirror 😂
Comment from : horrorvictim

Isabella Bavington - Izzy fan sweetie
2020 feb 9 who’s with me
Comment from : Isabella Bavington - Izzy fan sweetie

Scott Kraemer
Christina was blessed with one of the greatest voices and this amazing talent and scope. She gives me goosebumps when she hits those high notes. WOW
Comment from : Scott Kraemer

Hassan Syed
Careful saying that name. You may summon a supernatural killer with a hook for a hand.
Comment from : Hassan Syed

This song reminds me of times when I went to ballroom dance lessons... This was the first song I danced jive to xd
Comment from : Heliotropic

Kristýna Staňková
I don't anyone who can rock blond hair, eyeliner and red lipstick like Christina can!
Comment from : Kristýna Staňková

Bland Bland
I buy me 4k tv See those three girls are really Christina Aguilera🙉🙉
Comment from : Bland Bland

Nico Scarpinato
sweet,sugar, candyman! lol
Comment from : Nico Scarpinato

Karl Hungus
Fiiiiiiiiiine woman.
Comment from : Karl Hungus

it's me lyolyola
Is this kpop 🤔😂😂?
Comment from : it's me lyolyola

Lupu Dacic
Cum...naiba,sa nu iti placa poporul american,nu politicienii lor,cu asa melodii ok.
Comment from : Lupu Dacic

Micah Vuki
She would defiently fit in perfectly as a USO performer during ww2.
Comment from : Micah Vuki

Maria Hamza
Comment from : Maria Hamza

RebeccaK MacCommons
This song, "Candyman" is dedicated to Tracy Guthrie...She will know why...she loved losing her virginity and the vernacular used and was so proud of it. She just always embarrassed my innocence...
Comment from : RebeccaK MacCommons

Ashley Evorall
I should be ded. Bord egsestens got no reason
Comment from : Ashley Evorall

This video It looks like in year 1940s
Comment from : JARES PHAAG

Uncle Icarus.
2:12 swastika??? 👀 Or is that just me?
Comment from : Uncle Icarus.

The vintage style lowkey looks like it was made for her
Comment from : RainSara

skrrrtt ttt
field demo ng grade 9 innhs wer u at?
Comment from : skrrrtt ttt

Candy bang
Comment from : theonefrancis

Comment from : NOAGAMER YAS

Just if you guys want to know where the influence of this song came from. The Andrew Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Christina just changed the lyrics and made it raunchified. www.youtube.com/watch?v=8of3uhG1tCI
Comment from : JustAThoughtMyFriend

Heather Russell
2020 x
Comment from : Heather Russell

Fernando Zaid Garcia
Comment from : Fernando Zaid Garcia

jeffrey young
If it wasn't for the lyrics you would think it was the Andrews Sisters. Love music like this.
Comment from : jeffrey young

elodie bailleul
En 2020 j'écoute encore
Comment from : elodie bailleul

Ashley Evorall
Don't tale someone crying pas. Like baby crying can someone been crying eyes blood shot
Comment from : Ashley Evorall

For some reason I think of Henry Cavill when I hear this song
Comment from : Freestyle

Aubrey Stefanovic
I thought this song was so classy until I actually paid attention to the lyrics
Comment from : Aubrey Stefanovic

Chen outtasight
Beautiful and talented lady
Comment from : Chen outtasight

Them vocals though 😍😍
Comment from : Lizzieisweird

janella est
the stupid me back then really thought that christina aguilera and marilyn monroe are the same person and that this song was released since 1950s. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Comment from : janella est

Ydely Suarez
I think I was born in the wrong generation, because I truly love the 40’s and 50’s Music.
Comment from : Ydely Suarez

Lala Kethobile
Omg... I used to love this song
Comment from : Lala Kethobile

Ground40015 -
Comment from : Ground40015 -

Moody Zata
Real straight honest and good.
Comment from : Moody Zata

Christina Aguilera feat. Christina Aguilera and Christina Aguilera.
Comment from : IanMCS

1,25 so boogie!! **
Comment from : MrCastoro1983

Comment from : 迫いくみ

Lightning McQueen
Is these girls are stucked under ice in Arctic for 70 years just like Captain America.😂😂😂
Comment from : Lightning McQueen

One of the greatest music videos ever made.
Comment from : fishbelch

July Campo
No me habia dado cuenta 😅 ... ja ja Distinto color de pelooo Crhis .......... q ciego 😿😿
Comment from : July Campo

my friend holly danced to this for the talent show.

She got into the finals

Comment from : •ItzHxnnah•

Barbara Rock
Amazing 😍
Comment from : Barbara Rock

au Sixxtyneine
Hi 9 Aquamarine
Comment from : au Sixxtyneine

Bixlow Miniso
When all the girls in your family look the same: 😅
Comment from : Bixlow Miniso

St. Lacie
That'a a lot of sausages
Comment from : St. Lacie

Kenia Feliz Olivero
Now, we don't want CandyMan we want SugarDaddy 😉
Comment from : Kenia Feliz Olivero

Kate Cano
How is tour day?
Comment from : Kate Cano

Joel Caccha
Great song by Christina Aguilera
Comment from : Joel Caccha

Niki  Kulev
Mean YouTube Art Insects, LAIs /with Low Artificial Intelligence/, working on this YouTube platform, without plzzz, bring me back Christina Aguilera in my mixeZZZ! I DON'T NEED YOUR MEAN AND STUPID SUGGESTIONS FOR RUSSIAN MAGICAS AND ANY RELIGION STUFF!
Comment from : Niki Kulev

M Queens
Mam do tego układ XD
Comment from : M Queens

1. Red
2. Blonde
3. Brunette

Comment from : no1wasgeorgiebest

Arctic Wolf
Omg 😳 I didn’t realize how dirty the lyrics were until now.
Comment from : Arctic Wolf

Petter Spratts
Oh my lol, It took me 9 years to realize Christina were those 3 girls. 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Petter Spratts

cahit çiçekdağ
hi beautiful girl I think sewla from turkey
Comment from : cahit çiçekdağ

Linda B
She is so so so good ,,,, loved it
Comment from : Linda B

Carlos Eduardo Merino Cariño
Amo este video tanto co a ella 😘😘😘💋💋CRISS
Comment from : Carlos Eduardo Merino Cariño

Suhuur Mahad
Anyone 2020
Comment from : Suhuur Mahad

king james488
when you think you get the 40's, but you totally miss the mark and look like a floozy.
Comment from : king james488

8-Legged Record Player
Christina Aguilera performing at the WWIII halftime show
Comment from : 8-Legged Record Player

Sam Willie
@2:29 is hilarious lmao just loop that "ooo" she makes
Comment from : Sam Willie

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