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Jeilyne Gonzalezz
Today i sang this song in my concert
Comment from : Jeilyne Gonzalezz

Lauren Johnson
Trash look at it mate
Comment from : Lauren Johnson

Melissa Morgan
I am singing this song in choir!
Comment from : Melissa Morgan

This song is on my Halloween playlist. Between Korn and Alice Cooper.
Comment from : aijeelee

Milo Sure
We are doing this in school
Comment from : Milo Sure

K So
Song helps my sis from crying
Comment from : K So

Zainab Pardawala
I like re vidioq
Comment from : Zainab Pardawala

Who can drive a white van?
(Who can drive a white van)

In the middle of the day.
( in the middle of the day)

The pedofile man.
(The pedofile man)

The pedofile man drives his big white van around the neighborhood.
(Around the neighborhood)

Who can take a body?
(Who can take a body)

And stash in his van
(Stash it in his van)

The pedofile man
(The pedofile man)

The pedofile man takes the children in his van around the neighborhood.
(Around the neighborhood)

Comment from : ItsNoahScott

Lily Correll
This one is in my 6th grade musical
Comment from : Lily Correll

Cute Unicorn
On 7 dec i have a dance on candy man
Comment from : Cute Unicorn

Jeffrey Williams
This was one of my program songs😍😍
Comment from : Jeffrey Williams

I thought that it was a groovy lemon pie
Comment from : Nat

I’m singing this song in my choir
Comment from : Nat

Farah Foaad
Hey you know all ur songs im doing a school play with them you know Anne Frank? Im a second grader who goes there and learns the songs im just practicing it
Comment from : Farah Foaad

Miranda M
I have to put this song on because my school is having a concert and I'm going to sing this song at the concert
Comment from : Miranda M

Princess Izza
I'm six my 19 yr old said that her frend is candy man and I just wished to have candy I said I wanted the little strawberry lollipop and orange flavored lol ippop
Comment from : Princess Izza

Davros Oswald
The candy man is a dr who villain
That needs to come back

Comment from : Davros Oswald

Nadia Wasif
The play is of Charlie and the chocolate factory
Comment from : Nadia Wasif

Nadia Wasif
We are singing the song in our choir for the play's
Comment from : Nadia Wasif

Nadia Wasif
I also thought it was groovy lemon pie
Comment from : Nadia Wasif

I’m the new candy man. 🍭 in the play I’m doing in the daycare centre I go to
Comment from : J C

Charell Ford Rivera
That's my Jam, childhood song are better than the ones they have now.
Comment from : Charell Ford Rivera

Alma Cabrera
Who came from Madagascar
Comment from : Alma Cabrera

Andile Ndlovu
We did this at the class
Comment from : Andile Ndlovu

Lee-Ann Hopkins
love that song
Comment from : Lee-Ann Hopkins

The Kingdom Official
I love your song my mum lisond to the song when when she was a child
Comment from : The Kingdom Official

Tushar Pandey
i have this poem in my class 7 English book
Comment from : Tushar Pandey

XE LynuX
I am going to poet this poem in our poem reciting day
Comment from : XE LynuX

Dmagine !
I have no idea how I know this song:<
Comment from : Dmagine !

Alexander warzocha
Fuck you bich bich lagaza IS beter song
Comment from : Alexander warzocha

Noah Rulez
Comment from : Noah Rulez

Emilia Grace
0:58 more like childhood obesity
Comment from : Emilia Grace

I thought this way Christina 😂
Comment from : oscarwatts

Zainab Mahmood
so nice.
Comment from : Zainab Mahmood

faisal Hashmi
I do the candy man choir it’s so fun! It’s for for our assembly
Comment from : faisal Hashmi

Hansa Kinkini Dev Roy
This brings back a lot of childhood memories. Used to be my favourite song...and till now.
Comment from : Hansa Kinkini Dev Roy

Charisma Obiniana
Nurse Jackie anyone?
Comment from : Charisma Obiniana

katie newham
It's for my kids play
Comment from : katie newham

Anita Kalyana
At my school we are singing this
Comment from : Anita Kalyana

Humayd Shahard
Good Song
Comment from : Humayd Shahard

Roxanne Wells
Im from america
Comment from : Roxanne Wells

I love this
Comment from : MrPP333

Ice Clan
love the song
Comment from : Ice Clan

Liliane Beeckman
Nice too....Lily
Comment from : Liliane Beeckman

Love this moive
Comment from : mbjmommy4

xYoxy TubeX
Con esta canción me apetece levantarme y bailar xD
Comment from : xYoxy TubeX

Louise Sigley
I love this song
Comment from : Louise Sigley

The world taste bad 😂
Comment from : BeepstérrMaskPɫayz

Hi I am 9 I HATE this SONG I sing it like this the candy man can’t
Comment from : BeepstérrMaskPɫayz

bhawana jain
I am singing this song in my school
Comment from : bhawana jain

amandeep kaur
This was my school play too
Comment from : amandeep kaur

amandeep kaur
This song was my annual function song when I was in 4th
Comment from : amandeep kaur

Fabulous Turtwig
0.5 speed...
Comment from : Fabulous Turtwig

Melu Toyos
I have to study it for tomorrow 😐
Comment from : Melu Toyos

Precious Reyes
Christian Borle sang it better
Comment from : Precious Reyes

The candyman the candyman the candyman the candyman the candyman +hook comes out of the wall+ OH NO
Comment from : GamingJ

hooriya qirat irfan
My man give this poem to me it is same and I love this song
Comment from : hooriya qirat irfan

fan m&m's skittles
m&m's Candy man
Comment from : fan m&m's skittles

¿SMG4 ? :'v
Comment from : CAT NOIR

Angel Leigh Younge
I did this for year 6 leavers production on 17th July 2018 Charlie and the chocolate factory
Comment from : Angel Leigh Younge

Kaci-mai Cox
Great video it's that good I even subscribed
Comment from : Kaci-mai Cox

Tenna Lee
who wrote this song? what is the songs origin?
Comment from : Tenna Lee

Sophie_ xx
My school play is Charlie and the chocolate factory
Comment from : Sophie_ xx

Ruby Red Hannan
I love you
Comment from : Ruby Red Hannan

Blockyram Minecraft
Omg I miss this beauty
Comment from : Blockyram Minecraft

Cat Defender
A little boy named Arnav sang this at my recital yesterday. He was great!
Comment from : Cat Defender

Mêrčÿ Łøl
We are
Comment from : Mêrčÿ Łøl

Swati Patil
I sang this song in my school choir
Comment from : Swati Patil

Claire Tyler
I am dowing a play and imm vilote i have to ding this whith my class😍😍🤗🤗
Comment from : Claire Tyler

mark steve
Who became for malcolm in the middle?
Comment from : mark steve

Maricarmen Thomson de la fuente
In music class we had to sing this
Comment from : Maricarmen Thomson de la fuente

Mariah OConnor
I like the song
Comment from : Mariah OConnor

nathan payne
Doing the Carlton ALL day to this!!!!
Comment from : nathan payne

Malaika Sajid
It’s so so jolly and it’s always in my head. Who can take tommorow......❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Malaika Sajid

Bell Galo
Comment from : Bell Galo

Comment from : Daymon

bratz girls
Saym I love this I am dance that asembly😄I am enjoying it
Comment from : bratz girls

Rayn Fianna
theres a muscal and all your songs its at easton arts academy
Comment from : Rayn Fianna

Rishi Dev
v.......... good
Comment from : Rishi Dev

super akufe bro's
Solo good
Comment from : super akufe bro's

Jesus' Daughter
In 2018:)
Comment from : Jesus' Daughter

falcus snapchater videos
I learnt this song in school today
Comment from : falcus snapchater videos

Who can make the sunrise. (Who can make the sunrise.) Sprinkle at the few. (Sprinkle at the few.) The Candy Man. (The Candy Man.) The Candy Man can. (The Candy Man can.)
Comment from : EVERETT MAXWELL

alfredo estrada
muy interesante musical
Comment from : alfredo estrada

Moon Lighters
Dating all day
Comment from : Moon Lighters

Zainab Zafar
I my sing this song tomorrow night for Christmas to my school
Comment from : Zainab Zafar

señor michael vorhess 666
Vengo malcom de del medio
Comment from : señor michael vorhess 666

Chloe Hall
I haved to sing this song in my play!
Comment from : Chloe Hall

Jocelyn Guthrie
Its Groovy lemon pie!!! Not strawberry lemon pie!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Jocelyn Guthrie

Hanna Mojaveri
Comment from : Hanna Mojaveri

Jesus' Daughter
Who's still listening to this ? 🤗🤗
Comment from : Jesus' Daughter

Grace Grace
I love this song also I'm here from my school for Christmas my school needs to sing this song
Comment from : Grace Grace

pennywise/brandon Skeates
I learnt this at school
Comment from : pennywise/brandon Skeates

skye estrella
I'm doing this for my school concert😊So excited wish me luck pls❤
Comment from : skye estrella

Daniel Cortina

Read More

Comment from : Daniel Cortina

random person 1216
The background looks like a bad tube in a crt tv
Comment from : random person 1216

Daniel Cortina
Why do I have to listen to garbage?

If you're reading this, you're super gay.

Comment from : Daniel Cortina

Marisa Paul
If I listen to this song when I sleep I would dream about me in a town called candy world and candy man showed up and told all the kids that ''You can eat everything in this world'' and we were all like YAY and are everything
Comment from : Marisa Paul

Marisa Paul
Me sis loves it BTW she's little
Comment from : Marisa Paul

joser jj
Comment from : joser jj

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