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Malcolm jajaja que poder
Comment from : Hola

Vannesa Balecha
Comment from : Vannesa Balecha

kakyoin donut
Comment from : kakyoin donut

Scott McRaven
YES! He Can!
Comment from : Scott McRaven

Ann Majek
❤️❤️❤️❤️RIP Sammy
Comment from : Ann Majek

Dean Sharp
Who’s here after hearing the elaut candy man claw machine !! Hit like 😂😂
Comment from : Dean Sharp

John just a sad cardinals fan Garland
I was today years old when I found out this was a Sammy Davis jr song
Comment from : John just a sad cardinals fan Garland

Wilson Dassumpcao
Poor man only lived 5 years.
Comment from : Wilson Dassumpcao

Justin Bassit
I would listen to this if I’m high
Comment from : Justin Bassit

Filomena Di Nardo
The Garbage Maaaaan!!!!
Comment from : Filomena Di Nardo

THIS WAS MY FAVORITE song when I was a kid!
Comment from : trickielious

Farmer Brown
Put it at X2; it’s really catchy!
Comment from : Farmer Brown

I had to sing this song in a play in year2
Comment from : Wolfy_gamerXOX

Michael V
Jordan Peele better put this in the ending of the new Candyman movie.
Comment from : Michael V

Danilo Veljkovic
This is Vince McMahon whenever he's burying young up-and-coming talent in the WWE. XD
Comment from : Danilo Veljkovic

Daniel Souza Ferreira
Put in 1,25x to seems the clássic scene
Comment from : Daniel Souza Ferreira

Sofia Mochon-Ciniglio
Comment from : Sofia Mochon-Ciniglio

Michael Reilly
Who seems like a nice guy?
Givin' treats to you.
Never asks for money just a creepy hug or 2.
The Creepy Man.
The Creepy man can 'cause he's got a white van with even more candy.

Comment from : Michael Reilly

Jessica Ladouceur
Gilmore Girls brought me here😂
Comment from : Jessica Ladouceur

Mad8 Warrior
if you are SMG4 fan you know 😁🤣

Comment from : Mad8 Warrior

Rogers Car
Comment from : Rogers Car

Simone Taylor
I heard this from Madagascar and used to hear it on the way to school on Friday mornings
Comment from : Simone Taylor

Blau Grün
Should be in candyman (1992)
Comment from : Blau Grün

Just to let everyone know Barry Manilow and Sammy Davis Jr sang this song together just type up Barry Manilow Candy Man it’s a little different but they harmonize really well
Comment from : simplemanplan

Felix Gutierrez
Love how upbeat this song is but has a Psycho serial killer vibe! 👀
Comment from : Felix Gutierrez

Magda H.
Just me here because of Gilmore Girls?
Comment from : Magda H.

It's MAM!
... willy wonka
Comment from : It's MAM!

If you want diabetes, the candy man is the right man.
Comment from : MrJuvefrank

Terry VTRSP1
I love that one eyed black Jew ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Terry VTRSP1

Well, for a different take on this song, I first heard it as a 15-year-old and it was a smash hit that none of us ever tired of hearing. I'm 63 years old now and when I hear it, I become 15 years old again. Such an upbeat tune in such a great voice as Mr. Davis' ..... there's nothing to match it.
Comment from : avalisme

Sean Debelak
Genetics frisbies and every girl y
Comment from : Sean Debelak

Sonia Rosa
Best song for diabetes
Comment from : Sonia Rosa

The song is about nose candy. The candy man is a Coke dealer.
Comment from : FarRockTee1

Kimberly Davila
When you high on tranquilizers as fuck
Comment from : Kimberly Davila

Nobody No-One
Whenever I hear this I think of the kandyman villain from Doctor Who
Comment from : Nobody No-One

Listening to this amzaing song after 20 years . Used to listen to this on my Audio type those days. Lost it. and found now on Youtube :-)
Comment from : thiruvetti

Andyyy XD
Schlechtes lied
Comment from : Andyyy XD

actually he’s dripping acid on candys
Comment from : trimethoxy

Ava Garcia
Sammy Davis Jr was a real one😌
Comment from : Ava Garcia

I heard The Simpsons parody of this song before coming here
Comment from : GameBreaker64

chris g
Great classic song
Comment from : chris g

k u s h
girl be selling SuNsHiNe 🐼
Comment from : k u s h

Sad-o Jello YT
‘Candy man’ is used as a nickname for many murders

Now reply the video with that in mind

Comment from : Sad-o Jello YT

Dan Smith
Rest in peace sammy
Comment from : Dan Smith

Coyde Sherrill
Serious xm 70s on 7 brought me hear 🌰🍪🍫🍬🍭🍯🍦🍩🎂🍰
Comment from : Coyde Sherrill

Alex Smith
I’m here beca my marching band played this song for when they were setting up the show
Comment from : Alex Smith

Anthony Champagne
Who came here from Tim Hawkins?
Comment from : Anthony Champagne

Bob Marley Fansss
I'm here because this song makes me happy! My soul is colorful right now💚💛❤️
Comment from : Bob Marley Fansss

Robbie Landrey
My favorite candies are the mint flavored M&M's candy bar, Reese's, 3 Musketeers, Snickers and Hershey's Cookies and Cream!
Comment from : Robbie Landrey

Kevin Stern
Summer 1972.
Comment from : Kevin Stern

Robbie Landrey
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory brought me here!
What a classic!

Comment from : Robbie Landrey

lloyd johnson
Varnell Hill Brought me here.....
Comment from : lloyd johnson

i’m here for gilmore girl
Comment from : sabrinassl

Sell drugs to this song
Comment from : Foolish

Miguel Copco
Comment from : Miguel Copco

Deborah Atilano-Neitman
Sammy Davis Jr was born in 1925 not 1985
Comment from : Deborah Atilano-Neitman

John Deer
Best song to get high asf too😂
Comment from : John Deer

rick flood
remembers Sammy singing this when it hit #1...he was on "American Bandstand'....a real class person and song....
Comment from : rick flood

J Mara
Ok everyone ahhhh gather rounddd
Comment from : J Mara

J Mara
Who can take a rainbow, wrap it in a sigh, soak it in the sun and make a groovy lemon pie
Comment from : J Mara

Tom boob
Fun fact: The Candy Man was also the name of a serial killer who liked little boys.
Comment from : Tom boob

Jose Valencia
I'm here cause of the bare bears....
Dont judge me.

Comment from : Jose Valencia

Brees Numba9
Brent Taylor brought me here lol
Comment from : Brees Numba9

Quinton Bradley
RIP Sammy Davis Jr, I'm only 15 and i love Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and Bing Crosby RIP all of Them
Comment from : Quinton Bradley

Candy Cain
I feel really weird. Hey! Oh. I love you guys. I love you so much.
Comment from : Candy Cain

Candace Oppenheimer
I'm here because I first heard a parody of this song by Tim Hawkins.
Comment from : Candace Oppenheimer

Stephen Spilker
god i still have this on an old k-tel album lol
Comment from : Stephen Spilker

Schedia lilith
Estoy aquí por Malcom
Comment from : Schedia lilith

Jessica Armentrout
This takes me WAY back. This was the number one two months before my second birthday.
Comment from : Jessica Armentrout

For you Helen
Comment from : 2muchwhit1

Anthony Ryan Angie
I hope this ain't about coke
Comment from : Anthony Ryan Angie

Comment from : ActionFire

Dean Sharp
Anyone else here because this songs on the claw machines 😂
Comment from : Dean Sharp

Dead_ Monster
Sorry but this would be a good song to show a person stabbing and killing people just a though :)
Comment from : Dead_ Monster

Paul X International
Comment from : Paul X International

fun time with nick and friends
Comment from : fun time with nick and friends

Elian X Future
Willy wonka
Comment from : Elian X Future

Malcolm In The Middle
Comment from : ArianaXgrande

Anthony Torres
Candy man
Comment from : Anthony Torres

Gerald Stephens
When the had gotten Mr Davis to sing this song & it was played on the radio , it was a big hit .The producers tried to work Mr Davis into the movie singing this song but couldn't because of scheduling.But we have Mr Davis singing at his best. R. I.P. Mr Davis & Mr Wilder.
Comment from : Gerald Stephens

Brenton Taylor
Madagascar has entered the chat

Willy Wonka has left the chat

Comment from : Brenton Taylor

Kevin Philbrick
Why do I think of the damn Night Lords Chaos Space Marines and their winged, skin covered helmets....
Comment from : Kevin Philbrick

Safina 15
Rip primary school
Comment from : Safina 15

Christian Soldier
I loved this song every since I was 5 and sung this at my kindergarten graduation
Comment from : Christian Soldier

SURE he mixes the candy with "love"
Comment from : Stressaurus

Ah, sung this in kindergarten
Comment from : cynotops

Mtaylor 2002
Is anyone getting bill crosby vibes from this. "Mixes it with love and make the world taste good"
Comment from : Mtaylor 2002

Evil Morty
Play this song at .50x at 0:28
It’ll make the world taste good🤤😋

Comment from : Evil Morty

Matthias Motesingh
1st heard this song in Madagascar
Comment from : Matthias Motesingh

scarface Topeka
Comment from : scarface Topeka

this was played every friday on... radio 2 or something.
Comment from : MetaphysicalGB

Deadpool Amoroso
alguien que vino por malcom del medio cuando francis y la militarizada cantaron esta cancion
Comment from : Deadpool Amoroso

Abraham Isaac Mucius III
Tony Todd's favorite song, get it? 😉😉😉
Comment from : Abraham Isaac Mucius III

My childhood in three minutes and fifteen seconds ❤️
Comment from : armyveteran101st

What year did he do this song? I remember listening to it when I was a child and loved it!
Comment from : djaibee11

Frank Esposito
You.....Do know who this Song is Cryptically about?......do you....
Comment from : Frank Esposito

Emperor Mateus
"Aw man!"

Comment from : Emperor Mateus

Jack Bat
The Simpsons parodied this song as "The Garbage Man Can" in their 200th Episode "Trash Of The Titans". www.youtube.com/watch?v=YihiSqO4jnA
Comment from : Jack Bat

flying ufos
Hey the Candyman can and it makes the world taste good
Comment from : flying ufos

gurly girl
There was a serial killer named the Candy Man😕 I hate this song now...after watching that documentary.
Comment from : gurly girl

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