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Guilherme Ak
always good to listen
Comment from : Guilherme Ak

Steven Bowman
darlia where are you :(
Comment from : Steven Bowman

mr mistour
So you mean to tell me this songs not from 1994??
Well fuck me.

Comment from : mr mistour

Aguinaldo Waka Matsinhe
Comment from : Aguinaldo Waka Matsinhe

Carl Toppin
Don't get the Nirvana thing. They Sound like an awesome Alt Grunge band to me. Saw them last night and it was a great refreshing change, coming from someone who sees a lot of live music! Great work 👌
Comment from : Carl Toppin

888walrus888 *
I freaking love how horrific and strange the video is and I think it fits the song perfectly
Comment from : 888walrus888 *

Anneka Elliot
Poor ladies
Comment from : Anneka Elliot

Delaney Bates
Comment from : Delaney Bates

Brenda Sánchez
i love this song but i hate the video :"v
Comment from : Brenda Sánchez

blue peppers
i love this song
Comment from : blue peppers

Kim Follese
You guys are fantastic, I really wish to see you guys play live! Too bad I live in a different continent.
Comment from : Kim Follese

indie nirvana.... ew
Comment from : SeanLegacy

Comment from : Kurtis

the very beginning sounds a lot like Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Comment from : BradSG

Angela Summersgill
these guys suck.
Comment from : Angela Summersgill

The Mojave
Summing up most comments and all Darlia videos

50% Wow they sure sound like [insert band name here]
50% Omg they sound nothing like [insert band name here]

Comment from : The Mojave

This video would have been even more epic if they used that horror film, "Candyman", as the video, spliced with the band performing.
Comment from : hotgirlsarehot

This band is amazing and reminds me of pretty much all the genres and songs I loved since I was very little. My life has been preparing me for this band. Amazing melodies, vocals and timelessness.
Comment from : hotgirlsarehot

muser 37 m
Amazing live band, going to be super massive
Comment from : muser 37 m

Leonalda Sixkiller
This video reminds me of AHS. Murder House and Hotel in particular.
Comment from : Leonalda Sixkiller

jean rene tournecuillert
the video is form what moovie ?
Comment from : jean rene tournecuillert

David Paradox
Ohhh god, come to Lisbon already.
You guys are the shit!

Comment from : David Paradox

Adrian Asgari
I don't know why people keep comparing them to Nirvana.  No doubt that it is entirely subjective and one might find remnants of there sound in there. However, I find them not even comparable to Nirvana, in that it isn't as raw and genuine. It seems quite contrived and generic, contrary to what I remember from first listening to Nirvana. Albeit it is preferable to the recycled garbage we scavenge from, I seem not to identify with their music for the reasons aforementioned and I certainly don't think it will be the band to flip the music industry on its head as the occasional Bob Dylan will do. We shouldn't harp on about the past and try to fill a void, rather it should be a natural process and an enlightening one too. That is my opinion.
Comment from : Adrian Asgari

Mitsuki Kai
Comment from : Mitsuki Kai

Clouds Kempa
new favourite band
Comment from : Clouds Kempa

Graham Pearce
These Guys are amazing live, a band not to be missed
Comment from : Graham Pearce

Proper band
Comment from : EvilGoat

Jasmine Clarke
This song really reminds me of nirvana, blur and kasabian all at once
Comment from : Jasmine Clarke

jenni killjoy
Okay, I'm in love with this fucking song, I think that this band has future, stars are aligned is one of the best songs I've never listened and it sounds great.
Love you darlia! 

Comment from : jenni killjoy

Footage taken from "Scream bloody murder" (1973)
Comment from : therealyegor

Matilde Garello
Thanks God...I missed Nirvana

Comment from : Matilde Garello

Jack Sampson
Comment from : Jack Sampson

'Sounds like nirvana'...well yeh it kind of who there influenced by its not their fault that kurt blew his head off, by doing so catapulted his music into a genius in crafted shrine. .its not the point , so what they have influences from the grunge era its not their fault they weren't around when the grunge scene was because they would have been very successful.
Comment from : LikwidTunez

heard this song on the rock in the nz, took me ages to find it. as they never said the bands name. till i looked at the rock 1000 list, then i found it
Comment from : Isotollarock

Lewis Haynes
This is amazing; stop comparing it to shit and complaining, just enjoy it. They were inspired by a lot of awesome bands end of :)
Comment from : Lewis Haynes

Steven Taylor
This band are great !! People may say oh they copy nirvana... but thats just their style .. sounds crazy but can hear nirvana but still hear a brit pop influence involved ! brilliant ive found a new band just like royal blood different to that top 40 who ha .. because lets be honest... nicki minaj sounds like a wasp trapped in a glass jar 
Comment from : Steven Taylor

Bruse Bruce
Lithium by nirvana
Comment from : Bruse Bruce

Good song. Sick video - don't like.
Comment from : juodlige

Caleb Cox
this video is weirdly fitting
Comment from : Caleb Cox

Jack Bishop
Love this band sounds like what would have happened if Oasis deceided to be a grunge band haha
Comment from : Jack Bishop

No U
the video is creepy but the song is good
Comment from : No U

Kaitlin Wright
Comment from : Kaitlin Wright

cowboy baby
cant find accurate lyrics anywhere :((
Comment from : cowboy baby

Hilde Bakken
Does that boy have some kind of psychic "problems"? Like he is seeing monsters in stead of his friends and family? I dunno, probably overthinking again, haha

Anyways, I really like this band, so good music!

Comment from : Hilde Bakken

looooove this song. has a bit of nirvana feel in it
Comment from : Claudia

This video is too violent:(
But I love this song:)

Comment from : 야끼야끼

Beth Mercer
0:57 i was not expecting that... :)
Comment from : Beth Mercer

Aaron T
The beginning reminded me of In Bloom by Nirvana
Comment from : Aaron T

I prefer cat videos. js
Comment from : Drew

Ben Jones
Daria and Royal blood are to seriously good new bands, love this song!
Comment from : Ben Jones

Charlie Burnham
you guys are going to be huge. and i don't mean new alternative band in britain huge, i mean FUCKING HUGE.
Comment from : Charlie Burnham

Ethan Anderson
Love darlia like! Out of this world
Comment from : Ethan Anderson

Hannah Baldwin
Love this old rock sound so much!
Comment from : Hannah Baldwin

Archie's Antics
Sounds like a modern day nirvana
Comment from : Archie's Antics

Hey which 70s movie is this ? Or it is just made in 2014 with a 70s imitation form !?
Comment from : Starry&Bohemian

awesome work lads.
sounds nirvana-ey
but thats just fucking perfect.

Comment from : andyg3

Fuck yeah!!!
Comment from : crookedwiretap89

Superb song! Sounds like nirvana but still an awesome track!
Comment from : AH1999

Bea Frances
Comment from : Bea Frances

Connor Kelly
Absolutely great song
Comment from : Connor Kelly

Laurence Grimwood
could you get an any more boring rip off of nirvana
Comment from : Laurence Grimwood

Flora Gosling
The BBC news brought me here. Good song.
Comment from : Flora Gosling

Erik Meskanen
This song is DOPE
Comment from : Erik Meskanen

Sofia Ferreira Santos
amazing song, can't wait to see them live next month!
Comment from : Sofia Ferreira Santos

Bits of Kula Shaker there I dare to say!
Comment from : zingoo63

BRANCH project
absolutely love this band
Comment from : BRANCH project

Wow, the best thing I've heard in a long while...
Can anyone confirm if the video footage is new or authentically old??

Comment from : TheLoungeRider

Those harmonies on the chorus are just utterly killer. So so so good. Reminds me of someone but I'm not quite sure... maybe Silverchair?
Comment from : DW.FM

michael carney
This is a great song made better by a hilarious video. I love Comedy/Horror films.
Comment from : michael carney

Paige Edwards
Heard this on the radio today and they kind of sound like the love child of Nirvana and Oasis... and yet they're still unique and different. I love them!
Comment from : Paige Edwards

CatLady 2.0
wicked song. i dont think this video is an excerpt from an old horror film, i think they made it to look like that.
Comment from : CatLady 2.0

Herd this song on kerrang loved it since
Comment from : Hutchiboy44

Charlie Cook
This is the best music video I've seen in a while... but that might just be my overriding sense of love for 80's horror movies
Comment from : Charlie Cook

Sam Jamaraminyournan
Preferred the video to the song itself
Comment from : Sam Jamaraminyournan

Grunge is back!
Comment from : imonaboat73

Lethal-Energy™ | Global eSports
Comment from : Lethal-Energy™ | Global eSports

love it! love it!
Comment from : mawajitosdecolores

Joe Massey
Chamber of horrors (1966)
Comment from : Joe Massey

What horror film is this footage taken from ?
Comment from : arealOpia1991

Tolga Şeker
Cool song, disgusting video. Band reminds me of Oasis though.
Comment from : Tolga Şeker

Go Go Gadget Gore
Grandpa Joe??
Comment from : Go Go Gadget Gore

What a dumb video.
Comment from : papaGhurka

Caridad Rada
Etupidos playo es caridad no cruz
Comment from : Caridad Rada

Anyone know where to find the film for the video, did they make this film for the video or?
Comment from : L

Great song! Just heard it on Radio 1 and had to find it. Get this onto Spotify now!
Comment from : TheUnchecked

Tom Sparrow
Cant get enough of this song at the moment, wish it was longer. Fucked up vid too, love it!
Comment from : Tom Sparrow

Kurt Cobainsley
What a sick video sick song yes!
Comment from : Kurt Cobainsley

Jagged LittleThrills
This band will go far! can see the nirvana influence, love it!
Comment from : Jagged LittleThrills

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